What determines pricing?   (top of page)
total quantity in order
type of garment
total number of colors or stitches in your design
number of design locations on the garment
any artwork, digitizing or prepress needed before production

Ballpark pricing (includes a one color screen print)
Premium quality Tee shirt $5-10 ea (contact us for additional qty discounts)
Golf shirts $9-18ea
Crewneck sweatshirts $7-12ea
Caps $8-14ea
Embroidery may add $2-6 per item depending on the amount of stitches and complexity of the design.

Note: Prices are ballpark, specialty shirts will cost more.

Please call or email for specific price quotes (508-888-0848),

Logo Design
Can you design a simple logo for me?   (top of page)
Yes, we can easily provide that. Many customers need a basic graphic or lettering. More intricate logo projects are sent to a graphic designer.

I have a rough drawing on paper; can you finish that into my design?
Yes, we can clean up your artwork and do the typesetting. We will provide cost estimates up front if there is an art charge.

Time Frame
How long does it take to do an order?   (top of page)
Generally 1 2 weeks.
First time orders typically 2 weeks.
Reorders can often be done within 1 week

Turnaround time depends on:
Amount of pre-press work needed. Camera ready art is fastest
Your order quantity
How time consuming the job is
Amount of production time needed to run your job.
Proof approval time.

To ensure satisfaction we will supply a proof for approval before printing or embroidering a new order (often can be done via email).

Set Up
What is Screen Prepress?   (top of page)
Screen print orders require a silk screen for each color in a design. Single color designs only need one screen. Each color in your artwork must be separated (by you or by us) before we can make the individual screens. Once screens are made, they are assembled on the press in proper registration to print a multi-color image.

What is Embroidery Digitizing?   (top of page)
Digitizing is the process of converting your design into a language the embroidery machine can read to know where to place the stitches. Digitizing cost is based on the complexity design and number of stitches. Digitizing starts at around $40.

Do you need a deposit?   (top of page)
Yes we require a 50% deposit on new orders before production.

Do you have a minimum?
Yes, through experience, we've found we can provide the best service and pricing for our loyal customer base by maintaining consistent production flows through our shop. To accomplish this we do not print single garments on a retail basis. Our minimum order quantity is12-24 pc depending on the type of garment. Garments using the same imprint can be mixed within a production run.

What Ink Colors are available?
We custom blend our inks to make any color.

We also offer specialty inks such as textured suede, puff and metallics to add impact to our customer's designs
What Thread colors are available?
We offer a huge selection of thread colors.

Do you put numbers on shirts?
Yes, we do team numbers, please call for details.

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